About & Care

The Original 4 Snap Reversible Neck Gaiter, Like a scarf but better. Just think Warm and Soft- baby blanket soft. Tag less.

Wear it with both snaps snapped and rotate the Snecky so the snaps are in back.  It should be snug to keep the cold air out. One snap option, Snap the top snaps and rotate it so it sits on your shoulder with the Snecky forming a V around your chest. Or wear it however you want!

Each one is individually made so sizes may vary slightly. Our Classic size fits most all.

Long size– same width as the classic but 1″ wider around the neck.

The X-Large size is 1” wider around the neck and 1” Longer than our Standard Size (Mens Xlrg neck size).

Toddler size for ages 1-3. Sneckys should fit snug with both snaps snapped and have enough stretch to be pulled over the mouth and nose. Only 2 set of snaps vs 4.

Machine Wash Cold and Tumble Dry low with like material.  Fabric is 100% polyester. Snaps are Plastic and can fail at over 120° .

This is only a small portion of my inventory. Special request, email me SNECKYS@YAHOO.COM

Made in Minnesota

Have Fun and Be creative- here are 3 of many ways to wear.  Cowl and Gaiter style, rotate snaps to back.  Snecky Style, move snaps to shoulder, double snap for tighter fit or outer 1 snaps for looser.